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Kelli is GREAT at what she does! So first off I'm going to talk about my own personal experience. Kelli directed my wedding on 8/11/12 and did an amazing job!! She was very organized and did everything she could to make our day run smoothly. She was very attentive and the wedding started promptly at 5 pm. There were times when I knew she got frustrated but she kept right on and made our day a day to remember!! Now I have witnessed her work at other events that I have been to as well. Once again she was very organized and tasks were performed efficiently. We were honored to have her and would definitely recommend her!!

♡ Brittany & Toney Parks ♡

Kelli made our wedding happen! I'm a working mother of two and didn't have the time to devote to plan my wedding like I thought. Kelli took the stress off of planning such a big event. She had great ideas, lots of experience and really cared to make my day perfect. She took my vision and turned it into a reality for us. Kelli is very organized, punctual and great staying on budget. All and all we were amazed at how are wedding turned out and really wouldn't of happened if it wasn't for her. Highly recommend!!!!

    ♡ Bethany & Michael DuBose ♡ 

Being a "Do It Yourself" type person, I've always had my wedding ideas in the back of my mind so that when the day actually came I would be prepared. Little did I know, there was another path awaiting my journey and I found myself with two months to plan. Feeling overwhelmed, I was suddenly unable to bring my ideas to life. Kelli came along and showed me the ropes. She knew all of the latest trends, she knew all of the what nots and the must haves...she was able to create an elegant style with a low budget. I received a lot of compliments on the decorating, everyone wanted to know my secret, my secret was Kelli. Since my wedding in 2011, I have attended several weddings that Kelli planned. She is very organized, thinks out of the box, always has a plan b,c and d and creates each wedding with its own style. The sky is not the limit for this girl and is a definite must have! Thank you Kelli for making my special day seamless!

♡ Desiree (and Hector) Martinez ♡

I am pleased and honored to be writing this letter to endorse Embellished Events for You. I have known Kelli for several years. Although we weren’t close friends when she moved from Michigan to North Carolina, our friendship has deepened over the years. Kelli is a reliable and considerate person. She is the type of person who always remembers your birthday even when her own life is chaotic. Even though Kelli’s career at Lowe’s has been successful, I am delighted that she is following her dreams of aiding people with event planning as this is truly her niche.

Chad and I were married on May 18th, 2013. I asked Kelli to assist me in planning my wedding in September of 2012. She agreed and immediately sent me a detailed wedding timeline. I was already behind. Kelli and I met to discuss decorations, the budget, and many other topics. I would compare this meeting to a mini interview. The objective was for Kelli to obtain an idea of what kind of wedding I wanted. I was shocked that many of questions she was asking, I hadn’t even thought of. How much did I really know about planning a wedding? It was apparent at that moment that I had no idea how to plan a wedding and I began to feel overwhelmed. Kelli continued on reviewing the timeline she had sent me and assured me we had plenty of time and everything would be perfect. Her enthusiasm was a relief for me and I was fortunate to have her by my side during this journey. Over the next few months Kelli consistently kept in touch following up to see if I had made progress or completed the tasks she had delegated me with for that month. For example; retaining a DJ or scheduling our engagement pictures. The months flew by and it was time for the rehearsal and I was a month pregnant. You can imagine the emotions of being pregnant and getting married. Kelli and I discussed in detail the flow of the wedding. Kelli had a copy of my agenda and proceeded to direct everyone to their places and confirmed everyone knew their music ques. On my wedding day everything was perfect. There were no last minute emergencies. I had no stress or anxiety like most brides experience. I credit Kelli with that calmness.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Embellished Events for You for your planning needs. I would not hesitate to use her again.

                                                                                                        ♡ Alisha (and Chad) Everhardt ♡