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Why a planner?

Posted on February 1, 2014 at 9:20 PM

Why would someone want to hire a planner?

Many people do not think there is a need to hire a planner for their event.  There are so many tools and resources out there like Pinterest, Etsy, and other free websites to help you create your dream event.  With so many ideas out there, how can someone choose the right one?  How much will it cost to create an event like the image you found?  

That is where an event planner comes into play.  An event planner can help you harness your ideas to a budget that works for you.  An event planner will also ensure that everything you planned for the event actually happens.  An event planner can help reduce or erase the stress that can come with an event so you have the time to actually enjoy everything you planned!  

While this post may seem biased, I have never met anyone that did not appreciate an "extra hand" in making their event a success!  

Talk to me, I know there are misconceptions and questions you have about event planning!  

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